PDFpen for iPad Update and Review

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PDFpen for iPad

A terrific app for managing, editing and reviewing your PDFs has just been updated to version 1.5.4. PDFpen for iPad is a pdf editing app and more.

Share and Organize

You can retrieve and save your PDFs with services like Dropbox, Evernote, Box and Google Docs. Pass your PDFs between your Mac and iPad using iCloud too if you purchase the Mac application via the Mac App Store.

iPad Screenshot 1

You can even create and drop related PDFs into folders. Sharing them via email is easy as well – tap and share via email. You can also send/share the PDFs via WebDAV, Dropbox or other similar services.


One of the neat features of this app is the ability to reorder your PDF. Simply drag and drop pages into the order you want. There are several ways to import the PDF into the app. If you receive an email with a PDF, simply tap and hold on top of the PDF and select to open with PDFpen for iPad. You can even insert new pages into your PDF, save and share.

iPad Screenshot 5


There are many ways to annotate and highlight the PDF. Not only can you choose various highlighters that select the text in one of many colors you choose, but you can underline in straight or squiggly lines in many colors as well.

iPad Screenshot 3

You can also add notes, shapes and strike through text as well.


If you need to fill out PDF forms, job applications and leases, this app can add the changes and send them off via email.

iPad Screenshot 2


You can watch a screencast of the app in action done by David Sparks below.

Features include: (PDFpen for iPad require iOS 5 or later)

With PDFpen for iPad, you get the PDF editing power of PDFpen that goes where you go, including:

  • Read and edit PDF documents on your iPad
  • Store documents in iCloud and on Dropbox for sharing and synchronizing between devices
  • Add text, images and signatures to PDFs
  • Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
  • Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
  • Import images from your Photo Library
  • Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text for reuse
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Add notes, comments, and freehand scribbles
  • Draw lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses and polygons
  • Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough; proofreading symbol collection included
  • Copy, combine, rename and delete files
  • Thumbnail view sidebar for easy skimming
  • Email PDF files
  • Retrieve and save PDFs directly with Dropbox, Evernote, Box and Google Docs; share PDFs with a computer via Wi-Fi; transfer files using iTunes, FTP, and WebDAV
  • Supports Jot Touch, and Jaja Stylus and Pogo Connect pressure sensitive styluses.


If you are looking for a workhorse app to handle your PDFs made by responsive developers, look no further than PDFpen for iPad.

The New Digital Age Book

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The New Digital Age Book CoverPhotograph Of Eric Schmidt

A new book out today by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen The New Digital Age Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business promises to be an intriguing read.

Photograph Of Jared Cohen

The authors discuss visions of the future where people are connected. The book looks at the promises and perils that are ahead with unlimited access to information that is becoming more and more available. Will governments restrict the data or will the people stay ahead of such attempts?  Will business thrive or will they wither?

You can read more about the book and watch interviews of the authors on The New Digital Age web page.

MagicalPad Free Black Friday

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If you are looking for a unique outliner, mind mapping, whiteboard, or organizational tool, try MagicalPad.

iPad Screenshot 2

For Black Friday, it’s free.

iPad Screenshot 1

The developer describes features as follows:

Focus project planning using structured lists to quickly capture and organize stakeholder input, prioritize goals and actions. Optimize your most valuable resources.
Take advantage of unlimited lists/outlines on the same workspace, freeform layout, unlimited hierarchy with expand and collapse, checkboxes, drag and drop, indent/outdent and much more. Everything is in front of your eyes, structure meets freedom.

The power of this iPad notes app is in its simplicity – your content is the ★ STAR ★. The minimalistic white design of MagicalPad lets the app get off your way, makes your content shine and lets you focus on your content. Just add a list or a note and start typing; let your imagination flow and focus on your thoughts.
Place and format your content anywhere you want, drag and drop to split or merge outlines move ideas between outlines, create checklists and format items the way you want.

Organize your thoughts, structure your story, outline your website content, or just jot down your ideas for the next big thing. Spark your creativity and have fun.
With formatting of each single element you can give every single idea the attention it deserves.

Export to ** Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and Email ** in PDF, RTF, OPML and MPX file formats
Import RTF, TXT, OPML and MPX files from other apps, pc & mac software.
MagicalPad enables you to share your work with other users and other apps; it also allows you to import outlines and notes from other apps and desktop and mac software to continue your work, then export it back. You can also export and import RTF and OPML files from or to other apps and software such as project management, outliner or mind map software.

With Video mirroring and the Apple Digital AV Adapter (DVI)

Do not hesitate to try this app’s way of organizing your thoughts or ideas.

Notebooks for iPad & iPhone

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Screencastsonline has reviewed the iOS app Notebooks for iPad. You can watch the review and then decide if the app is right for you.

This app claims to be the one and only notebook you will ever need.

The developer describes the app as follows:

This app claims to be the one and only notebook you will ever need. The developer describes the app as follows:

It allows you to conveniently write, capture and organize your ideas, notes, reminders, journals, diaries or details of life that you want to keep close at hand. If you need to take an important note, or search for one, you’ll always have the ultimate notebook at your fingertips!

Notebooks stores and displays almost any document you want to carry with you: text and HTML, PDF documents, MS Office or iWork documents, web pages, photos, videos, music and even your Palm memos. Everything you would usually print out and file can now go directly into Notebooks, without adding bulk.

There is one more thing: keep your task lists in Notebooks and tick off your to-dos as you complete them. Divide your projects into nested sub projects, which makes them easier to handle, and cross-reference to your reference library, which you keep in Notebooks, too. When a task reaches its due date, Notebooks’ badge on the home screen reminds you of pending business, and an optional acoustic alert tries to draw your attention.

Notebooks combines the power of multiple apps:

• Note Taker • Text Processor • Markdown Composer • Task Manager • File Storage • Clipboard Manager • PDF Converter (including encryption)

What exactly can you do with Notebooks?

• Create beautifully formatted documents • Type plain text notes • Use WYSIWYG style editing • Use Markdown to create formatted HTML • Select your favorite fonts, colors and patterns • Draw sketches with your finger or a dedicated stylus • Import text, HTML, RTF, PDF, MS Office, Apple iWork documents, photos or web archives

• Import iPad or iPhone Notes and Palm Memos • Create new documents from the contents of the Clipboard • Open documents from other apps in Notebooks • Import web pages from Safari • Import documents from Mail and other iPad apps • Import and extract ZIP archives

• Create ZIP archives in Notebooks • Convert documents to PDF • Record Voice Memos • Manage your Task Lists and get things done • Assign due dates and alarm times • Leverage your reference library in Notebooks • Sort your tasks and documents by context

• Create as many nested books as you need • Move, rename and restructure your documents and books • Sort documents by title, by modification date or by custom sort order • Search books and documents by title • Search full text of plain text, HTML, iWork, Office, RTF and web archives • Protect your confidential documents with a passcode. • Use Notebooks’ links (URLs) to cross-reference documents or books within Notebooks, or to open them from other applications.

• Synchronize with Dropbox • Synchronize with WebDAV servers • Use iTunes’ File Sharing • Use Notebooks’ WiFi Sharing • Send notes and documents by Mail.

If you are looking for a notebook app, this one may be for you.

Timeline 3D for iOS

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BEEDOCSTimeline 3D

If you have ever wanted to create a beautiful timeline that provides unique visual reference points, you need to check out this app – Timeline 3D. It is brand new to the iOS family and is a universal app. The price is $14.99.

Screencasts online did a screencast on this product recently as well and you can learn more about the app by watching.

A Mac version has been around for several years. If you have never tried this app and use timelines, you are missing out.

This app is highly recommended. Do not think that the lack of commentary here means this app is not worth every penny. Rather, you should watch the demo videos and begin thinking about new ways to convey timeline information using this app.

Clear Syncs and Works with Mac

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If you are looking for a simple and elegant GTD (to do list) program for your iOS device, Clear may be just for you.

The simple interface is easy to use and intuitive.

Today, the Mac version of the Clear is being released and is on sale for 50% off. Now, using iCloud, you can sync between your iOS device and the Mac version. Take and modify your lists on the go and review them on your computer.

iPad Art Apps – Sample Work

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MacWorld had a digital art contest using iPad apps and announced the winners. The digital creations are shown along with a list of the apps and tools used for each work of art.

The apps and links to a MacWorld review were Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Sketch Club, Paper.

The links to reviews and stylus tools used were Pogo Sketch, Pogo Sketch Pro, Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, Spigen SGP Kuel H12 Stylus, Adonit Jot Pro Stylus, Just Mobile AluPen.

If you’ve been waiting to see some examples of what can be done with the iPad and digital art, check out these.

App Prices (current 2012.07.02)

Sketchbook Pro recently had a price drop to $1.99

Sketch Club is currently $2.99

Procreate is currently $4.99

Paper by FiftyThree is currently Free. (There are in-app purchases for various additional tools)

Which app are you going to get?

iCloud Help and Resources

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iCloud upload image Credit Apple Inc.

With MobileMe gone and iCloud use up, how can you learn about all the resources and tools that iCloud offers?

Finding Help

If you ever wanted to learn more about using iCloud, from a browser, you can go to this link and read iCloud Help information from Apple.

Print the Book

More importantly, you can click on the Printer icon and create a PDF for review later of all of the information.

When you click on the Printer icon, you can select an option to print the entire “book.”

After you select Print Book, (on a Mac) you can then print as a PDF by selecting Save as PDF…. You can then save the book for easy offline reference or even put it into your Dropbox folder so you can access it anywhere.

Even More Support and Resource Information

If you need more support information, you can go to this more complete support site to read even more information about iCloud, finding your devices or friends, iTunes and more.


There are many services and tools that iCloud can provide for you. Explore all the possibilities by using these help and support sites.

MagicalPad – Organize Ideas, Thoughts & More


When you want to combine the power of brainstorming, organizing ideas, note taking, outlining, checklists and mind mapping in a freeform white board that fits in the palm of your hand, consider MagicalPad.

Mind Mapping MagicalPad

This app allows you to quickly get the thoughts out of your head and into a format that you can use to manipulate the ideas into an organized group.

Once the ideas are down, you will enjoy the easy and intuitive way you can tap, move and manipulate the data. You can add to a list, break off part of a list or just add another string of outlined thoughts nearby.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can even color code information in a way that helps you make a point.

Download the documentation here. After you complete your work, you can share your work via Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox or email.

iPad Screenshot 5

Watch this video to get the idea of the power and ease of this app – then buy it.

For a limited time, the app is 40% off and available for $2.99. Get it and get your thoughts down and organized quickly and efficiently. This app stays on the front page of my iPad.

TranscriptPad – Organize Transcripts on the Go


Are looking for a tool to help you analyze and organize a legal matter you are working on? Consider using TranscriptPad for iPad. This app allows you to review depositions or trial transcripts, comment on them and share your thoughts all in the palm of your hand.

How many times have you highlighted a deposition right after you get it, then a few weeks later thought, “What was I going to use that testimony for?”

Now, using the portability of your iPad, you can review the transcript, highlight, add your thoughts and share the information from one app.

The developer describes the app as follows:

  • TranscriptPad is an app designed specifically for lawyers to read and review transcripts, create designations, and flag or email certain sections. It is a turnkey solution created specifically for the needs of judges, lawyers, paralegals, experts, trial presentation consultants, or anyone who needs to work with transcripts. Using the right tool for the job gives you a better experience, and a better result, in less time.
  • TranscriptPad replaces the marked up paper transcript with all the flags, Post-it notes, highlights, un-highlights, pen marks, cross outs, etc.
  • For example, you might use it to create a report to send to a judge outlining your objections to parts of a video depo your opposing counsel might want to play in trial, or your expert might use it to email you a report of parts of a transcript that should be addressed in mediation.
Organization Tool – Using customizable, color-coded designations, you can identify portions of the transcript that relate to discrete ideas or topics like liability, damages, etc. This allows you to efficiently organize the testimony for trial, mediation or a hearing.

Import – You can import the transcripts via e-mail, Dropbox or iTunes. This app does not work with transcripts that are PDFs. You will need to import the deposition or transcript from a text file. (Exhibits that are PDFs will be placed in a separate folder.) After you get past the idea that you need a transcript that is in a txt format instead of a PDF, you will enjoy using this app because it offers some differences from PDF annotation apps. Those differences include:

  • TranscriptPad has hands free reading with adjustable speed.
  • The ability to search across an entire case (without first recreating one enormous “search” file each time a transcript is added).
  • The ability to create and assign specific issue codes on the fly.
  • Highlighting a line or paragraph is as simple as 2 taps as opposed to holding your finger on a word and dragging to expand the selection bars.
  • After making a selection you can easily Email or Flag the selection, or assign one or many Issue Codes.
  • Create reports covering all Issue Codes, or just a select few.

Search- You can search for words or phrases in a single transcript or across multiple depositions, hearing or trial transcripts. This feature is nice when you are trying to remember a word or idea but can’t remember where it was.

Collaborate- After you have highlighted and identified the important portions of your transcript, you can export that data, by issue codes or topics, in an organized, efficient way. This information can be shared with co-counsel, your staff or client to help clarify issues.

Learn how to use the app- You can quickly begin using this app after downloading the the Quick Start User Guide. Watching the app in action with the videos made by the developer will help answer most questions you may have. Also, there is  FAQ page.


If you are looking for a unique tool to help you organize case information on the go without having the burden of carrying heavy and bulky transcripts, this is an app for you. The cost is $49.99 and the developer promises that updates and technical support will be free.

This app is made by the same developer of TrialPad for iPad, a program that allows you to present your case to a jury or judge from the convenience of your iPad. You can learn more about TrialPad for iPad from my reviews here and here or the developer here.

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