How to Find Top Apps (and more) on iTunes Store

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iTunes icon

Did you ever want to know what the tops apps are so you can see if there is something that may be of interest to you that everyone else seems to have?

You can browse the top 100 paid and free apps from Apple’s iTunes Charts page.

iTunes Charts top 100


This same page allows you to look for the top books, songs, TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos.

So if you find yourself wondering what everyone else is getting on their iOS device, check out the Apple iTunes Charts page.

iThoughts (mindmap) Updated

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iThoughts (mind map) icon

iThoughts has been updated to version 1.9. This mind mapping app helps create and organize tasks, lists, projects, notes and more.



To see the app in action, watch below.

If you use the app and have questions, check out the FAQ page. There is a Mac version of the iThoughts too.


Using Emoji (emoticons) on iOS Devices

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emoji icons

Looking to learn how to create emojis (those little faces and symbols) on your iOS device? This is the easy way to switch on the feature. To enable emoji from the keyboard settings in iOS:

  1. Tap Settings > General > Keyboard.
  2. Tap Keyboards.
  3. Tap Add New Keyboard.
  4. Locate and tap Emoji.



That’s it.

Now, when you want use an emoji, tap the keyboard globe icon on the lower left.

You’ll be presented with rows and rows of the little icons. Swipe right to left to see more.

Troubleshooting emoji

When using emoji in mail, text fields or messages, you may have some problems including:

  • Emoji may not display as expected or match the sent emoji.
  • Instead of emoji, the other device may display squares, equal signs, or question marks.
  • Unexpected line breaks may appear before or after the emoji.
  • You may be unable to reply to email messages that contain emoji or other unexpected characters. You may need to remove these to reply to the email.

If this happens, try to resend without using the emoji symbols. An emoji may not appear correctly on the receiving device or appear as blank spaces or boxes. That can happen when using iOS on another carrier’s network, a non iOS device or when using earlier versions of MacOS X.

This article was compiled from the following Apple kb articles:


Using emoji. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4976?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

Troubleshooting Emoji Issues. http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2450

SMS messages may display incorrectly. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3672

Notes Plus Update


Notes Plus icon 4.4

Notes Plus, the amazing note taking app for your iPad has been updated to version 4.4. The improvements include:

- Palm rejection
– Adonit Jot Script/Touch support (iPad 3 and newer)
– 20+ new paper backgrounds
– UI refinements
– Many bug fixes
– 2 more interface languages: Chinese (Simplified) and Russian

Not only can you sketch out a drawing, you can write out notes and use the app to convert your scrawl into text. That is accomplished with the in-app purchase of MyScriptHandwriting.

This app allows you to record and annotate documents, PDFs and other images that are imported.

The features listed by the developer include:

Beautiful vector-graphic ink effect turns your handwriting into a work of art, razor-sharp at any resolution. Close-up writing mode lets you write comfortably with your big finger or stylus just like pen on paper. Rest your palm and wrist on the Palm Pad or just below the close-up view.
For a taste of the handwriting experience, get our FREE app: INKredible.

Mix typing with handwriting by inserting customizable textboxes or full-page text in any font the iPad supports.

Record audio easily while taking notes. A recording session can span many pages and you can hear only what was recorded on one of those pages. When you switch to another app, recording continues in the background.

Import a PDF or Microsoft Word document to Notes Plus library for annotating. You can also insert blank pages for extra notes!

Enrich your notes with images from Photos, Camera Rolls, or the web. You can then rotate and resize them as you see fit. Add shapes (lines, ellipses, polygons) by an intelligent shape detection or from a library of pre-defined shapes.

Take notes without worrying about backing up all your important data. Just turn on the functionality and let Notes Plus do the rest. Have a piece of mind to retain your notes even if you lost your iPad. You can even take notes on more than one iPad and have your notes synced automatically.

Enjoy an innovative dual screen interface and slide in a built-in web browser with a quick gesture. You can then conveniently send web images or screen captures to your notes. You can lock access to the web if needed.

A notebook can have as many pages as you want and can be stored in folders or subfolders like in a Mac or PC file system. Password protection of your notebooks/folders is also possible. You can also search for notebook titles and content.

9. HANDWRITING RECOGNITION (in-app purchase)
Conveniently convert your handwriting (in one of the many supported languages) to searchable text with MyScript™ handwriting recognition module.

As you can see from the screenshots, Notes Plus stands out for its clean interface. A great effort has been put in to hide controls to minimize clutter. You should be able to start without a tutorial, but in case you need one, there’s the included Quick Start Guide. Check it out now at: http://notesplusapp.com/files/QuickStart_V4.pdf

10+. And a lot more…
VGA-Out support, Notes Plus Clipboard, Left-handed Mode, Right-to-left Handwriting, unique gestures, customizable options, etc.

If you are thinking about a note taking app for business or school, you can’t go wrong with this app.


Air Stylus – Adds Extra Touch Screen

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Air Stylus icon

Air Stylus is an app for your iPad that turns it into an extra monitor or touchscreen for your Mac.

Think about that…now, you can extend your screen real estate and combine the intuitive nature of touching a screen with your favorite stylus to accomplish something magical. You can draw that art work or edit that photo directly on the app running on your Mac. That means, you can use the full Mac version of Sketchbook, Aperture, or Adobe Photoshop on your iPad. This works with other apps too.

You will need to download a simple, free app for your Mac to allow it to talk with the Air Stylus app on your iPad on a wireless network. Once you have connected your iPad, its just like having another external monitor for your computer. This monitor is touch sensitive. You can zoom in and out with a pinch or tap to pull up a keyboard to enter text.

Air Stylus lets you use your iPad as a pressure-sensitive, wireless drawing surface for your favorite graphics software on your computer.

Draw or paint on your iPad’s screen directly into Adobe® Photoshop®, Pixelmator®, or almost any computer-based creative software that supports pressure-sensitive pens.

Air Stylus creates a natural drawing and painting environment, letting you combine the power of computer-based creative software, the finesse of a pressure-sensitive stylus, and the elegant usability of your iPad.

You can watch the app in action below.


The hardest thing for me to remember was that I could drag my mouse from right to the far left that would take the pointer from my laptop to my iPad screen and have access to the toolbar just like I was on my Mac.

You can even access arrange the location of the screen just like any other external monitor. On your Mac, go to  > System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement. Then, you can drag your external iPad display to where you want it to appear.

The price is $19.99. Once you download the app for your iPad, don’t forget to install the Mac app to allow it all to work.

This app is not just for performing art work, you can edit documents or run any other app that your Mac is running on the extra screen. If you are in need of an extra monitor to put in your lap or on your desk to work naturally with your apps using a touch sensitive stylus, this is a great app to accomplish that goal.

iTunes Updated to 11.3

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iTunes icon

Apple has updated iTunes to version 11.3. The update includes the following new features:

  • iTunes 11.3 includes all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies. iTunes Extras can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentary, scenes, and more. These immersive iTunes Extras can also be enjoyed on Apple TV with Software Update 6.2 now, and will be available on iOS 8 this fall. New iTunes Extras will be automatically added to your previously purchased HD movies as they become available at no additional charge.

To download the new update, go to Apple’s iTunes page or run software update on your Mac   > Software Update.


iTunes U App 2.0 Update

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iTunes U

Apple has updated iTunes U  to version 2.0. According to Apple, “iTunes U courses let teachers give each class a customized learning experience. Teachers can create and manage their course and students can experience it all from the iTunes U app on iPad…Assignments, materials, and study notes all work together in the iTunes U app to keep students prepared for class and engaged in learning.”

Teachers can create posts, add materials and carry on discussions.

According to Apple, the update includes the following:

• The new iTunes U makes it simple for students participating in private courses to pose questions on the course or any post or assignment.

• Other students in the class can jump into the discussion and ask more questions or provide answers
• Teachers and students can keep up with the conversation when they receive push notifications as the discussion progresses

Create courses on iPad
• Teachers can now create and update their courses using the iTunes U app on their iPad—getting started is fast, simple, and completely free
• Provide every student a course outline, write posts, distribute assignments, upload class materials, easily track participating students, and much more
• Take advantage of the built in camera on iPad to easily capture photos or videos and upload them for course assignments
• Create materials using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—or other apps from the App Store—and add them to your course by using “Open in iTunes U” from within each app
• Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions have the option to publish their courses to the iTunes U Catalog—making them available to everyone for free


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