Westlaw App Update

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WestlawNext icon

Westlaw’s universal iOS app allows you to log into your Westlaw account to perform your legal research. The latest version brings iPhone  and iOS9 compatibility.

Westlaw screenshot

You can also set up newsfeed to stay up to date with news and practitioner information.

The app allows you to easily set up research folders to organize your cases, ideas, etc.

You can also share your research via email.

If you have a Westlaw account, this app is an indespensible tool that allows you to research on the go.

MindNode Update Adds Tasks

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MindNode icon

MindNode, a mindmapping app, has been updated to allow for and incorporate tasks into your projects.

Mindnode tasks birthday-party

Task support is now available in MindNode. On the canvas, you can turn child nodes into a task and check off completed tasks. MindNode will show a task progress indicator on parent nodes that have children with tasks and as the task is checked off as complete, the parent will update to show the percent complete.

Tasks in MindNode

You can also share your tasks with Apple Reminders. MindNode will keep the completion state in sync with Reminders.

For example when you mark a task as completed in Reminders, it will also be marked as completed in MindNode. This feature works across iOS and OS X.

mindnode quick entry

Also, on iOS devices, the keyboard can be used to speed up the entry of information, including adding tasks, an image or sticker, or a note without having to leave the edit mode.

Improved 3D-Touch support is available for compatible iOS devices.

If you have not tried MindNode, you are missing out on a great tool to help you organize tasks, write papers and work on projects. The app also works with iCloud to sync projects between your devices using iCloud.

Moleskine Journal Update

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Moleskine Journal icon

The Moleskine Journal app has been updated to work with the Pencil by Fifty Three.

Moleskine Journals Shot

There are several journals for free and in app purchases exist to buy other kinds of journals.

The app has the following features:

• Classic Moleskine style
• Signature Inner Pocket to store favorite images and text. Includes image import and access to the built-in camera
• Portrait and landscape modes, with double-spread view unique to Moleskine Journal
• Classic Moleskine paper selection—plain, ruled, squared—plus templates from the popular Weekly Planner, Storyboard Notebook
• Artist toolset (paintbrush, Moleskine pencil, Moleskine pen, highlighter), all with size control and full-spectrum color picker available on-the-fly
• Fully-featured color picker gives full artistic control, with value slide, opacity slide, custom swatch library and Moleskine’s ivory-color paper background for easier color selection
• Text tools for productivity and creativity with all iOS-available fonts, color picker, opacity and size control on-the-fly
• Classic Moleskine ribbon bookmark
• Multiple undo and redo
• Easy image import from your photo library or take new photos with the built-in camera
• Easy project sharing via email, Facebook and Twitter
• Easy sync to Evernote and backup to Dropbox
• Unlimited page-adding capability—never run out of room.
• View entire journal at once in an editable page thumbnails view
• Fully editable library in thumbnail and list mode
• Unlimited journal creation capability—make as many journals as you like!
• Intuitive Apple iOS gestures such as pinch and spread, 2-finger scroll and page flip


Together Updated

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Together icon

Together is an app for keeping notes, snippets of information and more in one place. The lure of this app is its ability to sync between your computer and iOS devices. There have been issues with syncing using iCloud.

Together screenshot ipad

The latest update addresses various issues including:

– Fixed a problem where an error could be shown when not signed into iCloud.
– Improved handling of iCloud errors and conflicts.
– Changes to text documents and bookmarks are now saved immediately after Done tapped.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when fetching iCloud changes fails.
– Fixed a crash switching to a library when the tags view is visible.
– Fixed a problem decrypting files in iCloud libraries.
– Fixed a crash when tapping on some groups in the document picker extension.

Together allows you to store your own database of information on your own computer while using iCloud to sync between your various devices.

iOS 9.2.1 Released

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(Credit Apple Inc.)

(Credit Apple Inc.)

Apple has released the latest version of the iOS operating system. Version 9.2.1 contains various security fixes and other improvements. You can read about the various security fixes here.

Before updating, follow Apple’s recommendations.

To update, tap on Settings > General > Software Update. The approximately 40MB download and update will take a few minutes. You will need to know your password and agree to the terms and conditions.

OmniFocus Update

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OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

With the New Year, you may have promised yourself that you would do a better job of keeping up with events, chores, tasks, lists, etc.

OmniFocus, a task management system has just updated their app. OmniFocus 2.11 adds note and attachment indicator icons to lists (they were in editor tabs in OmniFocus 2.10) and fixes bugs.

This app was picked as one of the best apps for 2015.

The update includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Notes and Attachments — Added note and attachment indicator icons to individal rows in lists.
• Keyboard Shortcuts — Added ⌘F for search and ⌘1-3 to switch search scope. Added Esc to dismiss the current view. Fixed several bugs.
• iOS 9.2 — Fixed the alignment of toolbar buttons.
• Search — The sidebar now hides when entering Search via Keyboard Shorcut in portrait.
• Search Results — Deleting an item from search results once again dismisses the editor.
• Quick Actions — Backgrounding at the app with the repetition menu open now correctly displays the “Editing” row.
• Perspectives — Adding a new Perspective when all perspectives are marked as Favorites no longer locks the segmented control.
• “Convert to” — Made the use of these icons in the editor consistent.
• Crash in Settings — Fixed a crash resetting settings with all perspectives un-favorited.
• Crash — Fixed another somewhat common crash.

You can learn more about this app from the OmniGroup. Get the app and manage your tasks, time and life better.

Pigment – Coloring on an iPad?

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Pigment icon

While walking through a toy store, I came across coloring books for adults – that is more complicated images to color in with coloring pencils or ink pens. I wondered if digital versions of this existed and came across Pigment. This app touts itself as being a true coloring book experience for adults. It has Apple Pencil and 3D touch support too!

After downloading Pigment, you are presented with a few screens to show you how to use some of the features.

As part of your download, you have several different books with drawings included to color. Some drawings are locked and you need the premium access to access.

There are 8 different coloring tools like pencil, marker, paint brush, and fill. You can use your finger, an Apple Pencil or other 3rd party stylus devices.

Pigment Screenshot 1

There are many colors to choose from. The Apple Pencil works amazingly well with the app. The thickness and strokes vary depending on the pressure applied as you would expect with the Apple Pencil.

You can zoom in and out, undo, change the size of the drawing tip and more. With the iPad Pro and Pencil it really feels like you are coloring. The app touts the zone out or zen like relaxation benefits of taking your mind off of other matters while you color.

You can subscribe to Pigment Premium Access which is a paid subscription that gives you unlimited access to all of the designs in the Pigment Library and removes watermarks on shared and saved images. You can also print high resolution images with the service. You can get the subscription as a weekly, monthly or yearly service. Your iTunes account will be billed accordingly.

Try out Pigment and see if you too experience the relaxation and joys of getting your mind off of your work for a little while.

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