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Ulysses Text Editor Fixes


Ulysses Mobile, a universal iOS text editor app, has been updated to fix several issues. This app, although it takes a few minutes to wrap your head around how it works, is quite powerful. The app allows you to create distraction free documents, whether short or long, and organize them to export into your favorite format.

The hard part for someone who is used to jumping in and writing is to keep your writing broken down into simple chunks called sheets. Once YOU realize that writing many short sheets is a great way to write, the app feels quite natural.

Ulysses Synchronization

Ulysses Mobile makes it easy to move around and organize your text, thoughts, notes, etc. The sheets can then be exported to a variety of formats including Word, PDF, etc.

The app syncs beautifully via iCloud with the desktop version.

If you are a screencastsonline member, you can watch 2 really good shows on how to use this app. The shows are SCOM0555 and SCOM0554. If you are not a member, you can watch several video tutorials from the developer’s site.

The latest fixes include:

  • better integration with Workflow 1.5
  • fixing a bug related to importing Markdown text
  • fixing a bug when copying a sheet.
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Notes Plus Auto Backup to iCloud

Notes Plus icon update

Notes Plus is a great app for taking and organizing notes.. The latest update includes the ability to make backups to iCloud.

NotesPlus icloud

To use this feature, tap Library > Auto Backup and tap the iCloud icon. Then, tap on “Start Using iCloud.”

Now, your notebooks will be automatically backed up to iCloud.

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DocReviewPad icon

DocReviewPad, an app to help review and organize electronic documents for litigation and similar legal matters, has been updated to fix a few issues that include:

* Addresses an issue of a file type not being recognized if the .PDF extension is removed in the rename dialog after performing a Split on a document.
* Addresses an issue that caused the app to close after performing a search, viewing the results, and then pressing the Back button.
* Addresses a Bates number border issue when a page or document was assigned the Confidential Tag.
* Changed the naming convention for the backup archives for consistency with TrialPad and TranscriptPad.

You can watch an overview video on Vimeo.

DOCREVIEWPAD screenshot3

Using DocReviewPad, you can review documents, assign Bates numbers, generate reports and create production sets. Learn more about this app from

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RapidWeaver 7 Released

Rapid weaver 7 icon

Although not exactly an iPad specific app, RapidWeaver 7 has just been released. It is a Mac app to help you build the website you want. It has just been updated to version 7. You do not have to know how to code in order to build a great website.

The app has built in templates from which you can build upon. There are a host of 3rd party themes and add ons that help you build your site. You can make your site mobile friendly, optimize SEO, and build blogs, portfolios or anything else for fun or business.


One of the newest features for RapidWeaver 7 is SEO Health Check that helps you fine tune your site. There are some responsive themes, refined UI and more reliable FTP for uploading your sites to host locations. You can see videos related to the new features here.

There are a series of tutorials you can review here.

There is even a large RapidWeaver community to ask questions and get help.

If you are interested in building your own websites with a mature app that can have you up and running in minutes, consider RapidWeaver 7.

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OmniOutliner 2

OmniOutliner for iPad icon

OmniOutliner, a great app that helps you outline your ideas, projects and thoughts, has been updated. If you are looking for a way to create a variety of lists, including to-do items, OmniOutliner by the OmniGroup is worth checking out. It has recently been updated to provide some fixes and improvements.

One of the advantages of the iOS app is its ability to store documents in iCloud so you can access them from your Mac desktop version. Literally, you can start, continue or finish projects on the go or at your laptop.


A nice feature is the ability to drag and drop items in your list to help you modify your ideas on the fly without having to retype or copy and paste. There are built in templates to help you get going. The drop down triangle allows you to collapse lists to make them more manageable.

With multiple columns available you can check items off, keep up with assignments of the list items, add dates and more.

The OmniGroup has been making great Mac and iOS apps for years. If you are looking for a way to create simple or more complex lists or outlines, you should check out OmniOutliner.


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iOS 9 Bug for 9.7 iPad Pro Owners?

iOS9 logo

Several websites are reporting that 9.7 iPad Pro owners who have tried to update to the latest iOS operating system are having an error message and their iPads can’t be used. MacWorld has published an article here about this issue. The problem seems to be limited to certain brand-new 9.7-inch iPad Pros.

So, if you have a new iPad Pro 9.7 inch version, you may want to wait a little longer before updating.

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Garageband 2.1 icon

Apple’s Garageband, the app used to turn your iOS device into a recording studio, has been updated. The updates include:

• Quickly navigate long lists of Apple Loops using a new alphabetical sidebar
• Use Multi-Touch to select multiple regions simultaneously in the Tracks area
• Send songs as an audio file using AirDrop
• Share GarageBand songs via Mail as uncompressed audio
• Apply your own custom images to songs shared to YouTube and Facebook
• Support for Shared iPad in iOS 9.3

This app helps you create your own music with a variety of electronic instruments. You can even create your own ringtones as described in this MacWorld article.

Garageband Screen Shot Guitar

There are so many many ways to enjoy making and playing music with Garageband.