iPad…Looks Good and Available Soon

Well…now that it’s been announced, there appear to be mixed feelings.

Some people can’t wait to get one, others are underwhelmed.  I think, for the price, the cheapest version blows Kindle and Nook out of the water plus, you can check your email, surf the web, carry family photos around, listen to your music, read the paper, work on editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, watch movies and that’s all before the developers start making some really coop apps.

I cant decide if the extras, keyboard and cover are necessary.  I think the cover is.  However, with the bluetooth available, I’m hoping my current bluetooth keyboard works just fine. (credit for photo:Apple,Inc.)

With the 60 days or so to ship date, you will have time to see what others are saying.  Interestingly, as of today, the nook is not shipping until Feb. 12.

So…which one will you get?


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