Review: 1Password for iPad

Here’s my first review of a third party app for your iPad.  For those familiar with 1Password for your desktop Mac, you know what 1Password can do.  For those who don’t, imagine what it would be like to have your device recognize the web page you are visiting and type in all the password and id information you can’t put your hands on right now or just don’t remember because you haven’t been to the site in several months.  That’s only part of what 1Password can do.

credit Agile Web Solutions

Ever visit a website and need your credit card info?  It takes time to find your wallet (or purse) and grab the credit card, carefully type in the numbers, expiration date and magic code.  Imagine going to a web site and at the insert credit card info boxes, right clicking to have a program insert your choice of credit card info into all of the various boxes.  That’s also a feature of 1Password.

If the iPad is going to become a tool to carry around and get work done on (I’m sure there is a better way to state that) then, you need to consider making all your personal data more accessible and, importantly, confidential.  1Password encrypts your data and makes it easily available to you once you type in your master password.

This video provides some ideas about what 1Password can do.

Although having instant access to your software serial numbers may not be something you need on the go, you do need the ability to access credit card or bank account information on the go.  Imagine sitting at the doctor’s office and fumbling through to find the credit card or insurance information you need.  Now, with 1Password, you can pull up the information for the particular family member right away.

Personally, I have used 1Password for the Mac for some time and have loved the ability to sync the data to my iPhone.  However, it was not as if I was fully using 1Password for my iPhone while trying to have a full browsing experience  and visit various pages requiring logins.  Now, with the fast browser experience of the iPad, 1Password will become an indispensable tool.

Please note, I have not had a completely perfect experience with 1Password for my iPad as, like most developers, without access to an iPad, some unanticipated events occur which cause issues with the app.  However, based on my experience with the frequency of updates and prompt response from the developer, I am confident that fixes will occur quickly and promptly.

As I know of no way to try out an app for the iPad without paying for it, I suggest you download the latest version for the Mac and try it out for free within the limited time period you can.  You will quickly wonder how you worked without it.

Overall, I recommend this product.  If I had to rate it based on 5 stars, right now, I would give it 4.   You can try it out and see what you think.


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