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Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of you with an iPhone, the next tip may not be a surprise.  However, if you are new to the touch keyboard, you will be pleased to learn there are a couple of tips and shortcuts that can make typing easier.

First, CAPS LOCK feature.  This allows you to type in ALL CAPS without having to continually press the shift button after each letter. Turn on the Caps Lock feature.  Navigate as follows:  Settings > General > Keyboard.  From here, slide the Enable Caps Lock function to on.

From now on, when you tap twice on the shift button, it will be locked down until you tap it again.  The visual cue that you are in Caps Lock mode instead of regular shift mode is the entire shift box is blue with a white arrow.  The regular shift mode is shown with a filled in blue arrow.

Caps Lock On
Shift Selected

Touch and Slide to select a key.  This is a good shortcut.  Let’s say you are typing along and need to insert a number.

Normally, you would type, press the .?123 button, select the number or character you want to add and then press the ABC button to get back to the letter keyboard.  There is a way to save a step.

Type the text you want and, when you need to insert a number or character, press and hold down on the .?123 button with your favorite typing finger…You will be presented with the keyboard for the numbers and characters…Simply keep your finger pressed down and then slide your finger to the digit you want.  Now, when you lift your finger up the character you have selected is typed and you are back at the regular keyboard.

Drag Blue Dot.  One option, previously available on the iPhone but difficult to use because of the size of the screen is the ability to select and drag the blue dot from one end of text to another point on the screen to perform an action like cut, copy or paste.

This works as follows:  Double tap the word and “blue lollipops” appear face up and face down on each side of the word.  Touch and hold down on one of these lollipops and drag it to the point in the document where you want to select text to perform an action.

Tap on Cut, Copy or Paste to perform the desired action.

TAP TAP to replace.  A feature that is available that I don’t find completely helpful but you may is the tap tap and replace maneuver.  Quite simply, you tap twice on the word of your choice and you are presented with a different set of options.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace…  Tap on Replace and you are presented with some possible replacement text options for the word you have tapped on.

There are others shortcuts…however, this is a good place to start to make your typing and editing even easier.


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