Surfing Safari

Overall, on the iPad, surfing is very fast and easy with Apple’s built in Safari browser.  Here are some tips and shortcuts to make the browsing experience more enjoyable.


You know you can scroll with finger flicks up or down, left or right.  You know you can make text and the page larger with an expanding pinch gesture.  But, did you know if you were at the bottom of a web page you can jump to the top by touching the top of the navigation bar?  Touch the upper area and the page will jump to the top.


Where is the bookmarks bar that you were so used to on your computer?  For those who don’t know, you can organize favorite web pages by category, folder, etc.

You can turn the organizing feature on in the settings.  Navigate as follows Settings>Safari>Always Show Bookmarks Bar.  Slide to “On”.

Settings: Change Search Engine, AutoFill, Etc.


Want to have Safari remember certain information (like name, password, etc.) for frequently visited web pages?  Navigate to the same place and tap on Autofill.  There, you can tell Safari which information to remember.


You can flip between various open web pages by tapping on the 2 square icon.

This will take you to the screen where you can tap on any one of multiple web pages that may be open.  Tap one page and that becomes the active one.


This is a neat time saver.  Are there certain web pages you visit very frequently?  Would you like to touch just one icon from the home screen to automatically open Safari and take you to that web page?  There’s a way to do that.

In Safari, once you are at a page you want to remember, tap the + button.

Click on Add to Home Screen and name the new button.

Then, you will have an “App” Icon that can be treated like any other App icon on your home screen.  You can move it to your favorite screen and tap once to open your favorite web page.

Have fun with these and other shortcuts in Safari.


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