Pogo Sketch Review

I have been curious about whether a stylus like device would make my written entries easier.  I recently saw the Pogo Sketch for iPad and thought I would try it out.  Admittedly, this review is being written within 24 hours of purchasing the stylus.  Thus, my first thoughts are just that, impressions that may change after use over time.

The stylus is about the length of an iPhone or deck of cards.  The stylus is a smooth, lightweight aluminum with a squishy, mesh, cork like tip.

This review is not meant to be all encompassing.

First, the stylus works on the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro touch pad.  Although I do not reside in an environment requiring gloves in the winter, if you do, this device can be used while wearing gloves to select icons, tap and perform similar functions that a single finger could perform.

Writing Notes

I really bough the stylus to see if I could write notes that were more legible than my finger with a program like Adobe Ideas or Paperdesk Lite. Candidly, the pen functions if you hold it correctly.  Unfortunately (not the fault of the designers of the stylus), you generally have to hold your entire hand above the surface of the screen in order to avoid the resting side of your palm on the screen and have it be interpreted as a gesture when using the stylus.  If your hand touches the screen while writing with the stylus, that may be interpreted as a gesture that affects the writing.

Also, I found that vector graphic programs (which I recognize may not be used for note taking) do not seem to like or recognize subtle changes in directions of the stylus while it is in contact with the iPad.  Specifically, when I try to sign something, the expected smooth flow may not exist.  Again, that is with a vector graphics program, not a drawing or sketch program.

I did find that when I was at a restaurant with my iPad and eating a sloppy sandwich, the pen was better to use than my bar-b-que lathered finger to make selections.

Overall, if you are looking to keep your iPad from having all of those greasy finger marks and want to try a way to more precisely draw or sketch, the Pogo Sketch is worth a try.


6 thoughts on “Pogo Sketch Review

  1. I think it writes smoothly in the Penultimate app. However, it produces a pretty think line which makes my characters quite large. I’d like to be able to make smaller characters. I was able to upload to Evernote and its OCR captured my messy handwriting quite well.

  2. You should check out the TruGlide stylus from LYNKtec, too! Sure, it’s more expensive than the Pogo, but I’ve found that it works SO much better! It has a really, really cool microfiber tip that just glides across the screen effortlessly. And since the tip isn’t made from rubber, it doesn’t squish down and break after being used for two minutes. I love my TruGlide and would highly recommend trying it!

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