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iPad User Guide – Free eBook from Apple

In iBooks, go to the store and search for iPad User Guide by Apple, Inc.  This ebook format is the same document you can download as a pdf from Apple’s site.  It’s nice to have it available in your library for quick reference.

Apple describes the book as follows: “Here’s everything you need to know about iPad, in a handy eBook format.  You’ll learn how to set up your iPad; email; contacts and calendar, and connect to the Internet.  Then, with your iPad up and running, it’s a great reference for any questions you may have.  It covers everything: web surfing, viewing and sharing photos, watching video, playing music, downloading music and movies from the iTunes store, discovering apps on the App store, syncing your iPad with your Mac, PC, and iPhone using iTunes, and so much more.  The iPad user guide is full of tips so you can get the most out of your iPad.  Including a whole lot of fun.”

The english grammar is interesting…Of course, it’s brought to you by the same people who used the ad campaign ” The Funnest iPod Ever” for the iPod touch.


4 thoughts on “iPad User Guide – Free eBook from Apple

  1. of course it assumes that you know how to download the manual from iTunes, which I can’t yet do, and open it, in order to answer your questions about how to operate the iPad.

    I don’t know when you can help me, but my iPad language is not the language I understand comfortably, I don’t know how to change the language. Same problem with iTunes. Someone wrote, “Just scroll down and change the location of your iTunes Store,” DUUUUUUh if I can’t read the language, how can I find the link to the iTunes Store?

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