iDisk App Updated for iPad

Credit Apple, Inc.Today, Apple updated the iDisk app.  No longer will you have to use the iphone version and click on 2x.  The app now properly recognizes orientation, etc.  You can easily access your MobileMe information using the Apple provided app.

Once launched, you can click on the iDisk button and click on settings.  Once there, you can modify the local storage and other settings.  Local storage allows you to modify how much of the MobileMe account information is stored on you device.

The iPad app allows you to easily share files or open them with an app such as good reader.  You can even get info about the file by clicking on the i.

In short, the iDisk app now allows easy access to your mobile me data, folders and information.  It is a useful and welcome addition to the apps I will be using regularly.


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