Share Board HD Free Today

An interesting app is offered for free today. ShareBoard allows up to 4 people to collaborate among iOS devices on a white board. (Think hi tech chalk board).

If you have an iPad and someone else has an iPhone, you can share a drawing in real time.

In order to work, one person has to have the Share Board app installed and running. Other users can install the free Share Board client.

According to the description on iTunes:
“Share Board includes multiple drawing tools (Pen, Marker, Highligher), editing and scaling features, session save and log, the ability to upload and edit photos and text and features to share any session via email or Facebook. Assign session names and icons. Even connect your iPad to a projector to display your work for presentations.
Use Share Board to share thoughts and ideas during meetings, conferences or tradeshows. Upload pictures, add texts and share them on Facebook. Challenge friends to a game of Hang-Man or Tic-Tac-Toe. With Share Board, the possibilities are limitless.”

You can watch a demo here.

With the price reduced from $5.99 to Free for today, grab it while you can.


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