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Evernote Update

Today, Evernote updated their iPad app to version 4.0.
Evernote is an interesting way to store and retrieve bits of information, photos, notes, etc. from a “cloud” account. The bonus – you can sync the information between devices.
A really neat feature is that you can take a picture with your iPhone, upload it to your Evernote account and – in the background, – Evernote will OCR the image. That means, when you want to retrieve the information on the card, you can retrieve it based on the information on the card.
Let’s say you meet someone and they give you a business card. Take a picture with your iPhone (and maybe iPad tomorrow) and upload the image to Evernote. In the future, when you want to recall that person, you can type in some information that appears on the card to pull up the image of the card.
If you have not tried the program, you should as you will find some use for it. There is an introduction to Evernote on their site to help explain the concepts and how to work the program.
You can even watch a video on how to use Evernote.


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