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iPad Digital AV Adapter

Apple has posted some details about the digital AV adapter soon to be available.
The device will allow you to mirror whatever is on your iPad2 screen. The video out supports up to 1080p for iPad2 and 720p for iPad. Apple promises that you can watch slideshows and movies, whatever you see on your iPad2.
Although the device is also compatible with the original iPad, iPhone4 and iPod Touch (4th generation), only the iPad2 will be able to mirror what you see through this adapter.

Apple Digital AV Adapter Side View

There are 2 ports. A 30-pin connector to allow you to charge and sync your devices while it’s connected to the display. The other port is for the HDMI connection.

Importantly, you will need to have an HDMI-compatible display and cable to output the image.
The product sells for $39.00 from Apple and will be available soon (presumably March 11).


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