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New Built in Apps for iPad2

Everyone knows iPad2 introduces new hardware. But, Apple has created some new built in apps specifically for the new iPad.

Of the four newest built in apps three are directly tied to the existence of cameras: Face Time, Camera, and Photo Booth. The fourth app, Find My iPad is similar to the Find My iPhone app.

Face Time is Apple’s way of implementing video conferencing with other Apple products via Wi-Fi. Although the devices do not have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, they must be on connected to the internet via Wi-Fi if they are not on the same Wi-Fi network.

Camera allows you to take pictures with the cameras or shoot HD video with the rear facing camera. You can then email, share or edit the photos or video with other apps.

Photobooth uses the front facing camera so you can take pictures of your own face. Then, you can twist and manipulate the image to your liking.

You can share the photos with your friends or enemies via mail. The photos are also stored in your photo library.

Find My iPad will allow you to locate your iPad. Although this seems silly since you will be using the app on your iPad – thus, you should know where it is, the program will also allow you to locate other Find My iDevice enabled devices. For example, your iPhone, iPod Touch, old iPad, etc. You will have to enable the Find My feature on the devices and set up a free mobile me account for the feature to work. It works when the lost device is available by the Phone network or is on a Wi-Fi network.


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