GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)

I have been trying out different GTD (Getting Things Done) software on the iPad for some time and too busy to do the kind of review necessary. I wanted to be able to give an overview of the software, capabilities and differences of each. Generally, GTD software is supposed to help you organize your life by allowing you to create and manage bite size tasks associated with larger projects. You can then review the tasks on a regular basis to determine what you need to do. When the task is accomplished, you have made progress.

A great overview of the concept of GTD is available from the Omni Group web site.

Programs that allow GTD planning in this way vary in sophistication and price. Some programs include the ability to sync data between mobile device(s), the web and your computer. You can then integrate tasks with the appointments you may have in your calendar and plan your life accordingly. Some software has the ability to be location aware so that if you are near a grocery store, you will have the chance to pull up all the grocery items you need to get to complete your shopping project.

I have been using Omni Group’s OmniFocus for iPad for some time because I used the program on my laptop and then on my iPhone when the app came out. It was the first GTD program (that I remember) that allowed you to sync between your computer and iPhone through a WebDAV server or Mobileme. That was useful because you could be out and about and remember that you needed to complete a task on a project in your office. You could create the task and it would sync with the computer in your office for you to remember when you returned.

I have been looking at Midnight Inbox Touch and have not had time to thoroughly review it.

I have also been waiting for the update to Smart Pad by Left Coast Logic to see how it incorporates and uses a calendar that automatically drops tasks you have created into your day to help make sure you get things done.

Today, before had an opportunity to review and use all the programs, Left Coast Logic announced a weekend special that I wanted to make readers aware of.  The announcement is as follows:

SmartNotes 2 will be available on the iTunes App Store starting tomorrow – Saturday, March 19.  For this weekend only, we are offering special prices for both SmartNotes 2 and SmartPad 2:  $4.99 for SmartNotes 2 (regular $9.99), and $9.99 for SmartPad (regular $18.99).  (Prices in US$ or foreign equivalents.) To take advantage of this offer, just go to the iTunes Store, check prices, and download! Check out the new features, and check out our special “review” offer: write a review for either SmartNotes or SmartPad, and get a free promo code for one of our other apps.

I encourage you to watch the different videos on the different web sites from the app developers to get some ideas about what you can accomplish with the right GTD program for you. I hope to provide reviews for the various programs in the near future.  That is a task on my list of things to do that I want to check off.


One thought on “GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)

  1. For implementing GTD you can use this web application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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