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Apple adds iAd App

For a while, Apple has been pushing the idea of iAd as a way to uniquely present advertisements to consumers on the idevices.  Steve Jobs argues that iAd is a way to have the consumer experience both interactivity and emotion.

Apple explains the advertising idea here.

Now, Apple is offering an app for you to download and browse advertisements. The app features iAd campaigns from some of the world’s best brands and their advertising agencies. The iAd Gallery gives you easy access to a selection of fun and informative ads.  You can even browse the ads or mark some as favorites.

The iAd campaign can compete with TV and other traditional forms of advertisement by bringing millions and millions of eyeballs to an ad.

Will it deliver revenue to Apple, Inc.? Are you going to download an app so you can watch more commercials? It will be interesting to continue to watch this develop….and now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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