Penultimate Updates App and Paper Options

Cocoa Box Design recently updated their app Penultimate to allow users to make in app purchases from “The Paper Store.” The program comes with free basic writing papers for you to use. But, now, users can now add, for a fee, new kinds of paper designs.

Some users must have voiced concern over the cost of some basic writing papers that were for sale. You can read about that. Now, the company is allowing you to install, for free, the “Writing” papers collection.

If you are on your iPad, use a browser to go to this page to download and import into Penultimate the storyboard paper that you can see at 1:14 into the video appearing on that page.

To install new writing papers from the paper shop, open a notebook and tap on the paper icon. Towards the bottom of the papers list, you will see the paper shop option. Tap on that.

From there, you can swipe through and look at different available papers. Other papers, are still for sale from 99¢ -$2.99 (US).  Those papers include: Time and Task, Music, Design Collection, Young Writers, Games.

If you are so inclined, you can also design your own papers to use in the program.  Read about that here.

This app is my go to app when I need to write out a quick thought or draw an idea like discussed in The Back of the Napkin or Unfolding the Napkin by Dan Roam.

If you are looking for a simple to use “note” taking app or have a quick thought you want to draw out and save (or email), this is a great app to try!


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