iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make typing even quicker on the iPad. Interestingly, depending where your cursor is when you are typing effects which short cuts may be available.

UPDATE (I have posted a more complete list.)

For example, if you are typing an email and the cursor is in the to or from name field, certain domain names become available when you hold down the “.”

Accented Characters

If you are writing someone or about something and need to use a foreign character, holding down the relevant key, should reveal some additional choices.

Currency Symbols

If you need to reference a foreign currency symbol, hold down on the currency symbol to see the alternatives available to you.

Web Domain Names become available when you are typing text in a browser.

The rule applies to quotation marks and other characters. Try exploring the keyboard shortcuts and extras by holding down the various keys.  You never know what may pop up.


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