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TextExpander Touch Sale

Today, TextExpander Touch is on sale. If you have been waiting to get this app, today may be the day for you.

Essentially, TextExpander lets you predefine unique abbreviations that when typed, will expand into predefined snippets.

You can watch demos of the product in action here.

Unlike the Mac version, only certain apps will work with TextExapander touch. A list of those 111 products is here. So make sure apps you use are listed before you buy it. The limitation is due to the way iOS let’s apps talk to each other, not the developer’s lack of programming skills.

The developer states: “Given the current feature set of the iPhone OS, TextExpander touch cannot work in the background (as it does in Mac OS X), expanding text snippets while you work in other apps, except for apps with TextExpander-integration built-in. You must first compose your text in the TextExpander touch Compose screen, and then transfer it to another app.”

If the apps you use most frequently are listed, you will save time…today, you can save money too!


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