iAnnotate – Major Update Available

If you use iAnnotate by Aji, version 1.5, a major update, was made available today. The developer urges you to back up your iPad and documents BEFORE you update.

According to the developer, the new features include:

• The new Navigation Panel includes thumbnail view, outline/bookmarks view, search function with contextualized results, annotation search, and improved annotation navigation.

• Add Photo annotations and record Voice annotations

• WebDAV server connectivity support. Ability to upload new files to Dropbox/WebDAV.

• “Master Button” allows one-tap access to all tools that are not currently on your toolbar. Only add a date stamp every so often? Try the Master Button!

• Improved security options including full iOS Data Protection and Keychain support.

• Insert blank pages

• Delete pages

• Rotate individual pages and rotate whole document

• Set and return to “Mark” (“quick bookmark”)

• Ability to select and copy images (partial screen capture).

• Ability to open multiple views of the same PDF in different tabs. Open a long PDF in one tab and then open the same PDF to a different section on another tab – your highlights will update across both tabs!

• Ability to email/print a single page of a PDF.

• Improved stamp management, including PNG import of stamps and ability to delete stamps.

iPad Screenshot 1

If you are not familiar with the program and often review and mark up PDFs, you should check it out. The 9 mb user guide is available for download here.


3 thoughts on “iAnnotate – Major Update Available

  1. Please let me know how to do updates on iANNOTATE.
    I have a version 1.4 would like to have 1.5.
    Thank you

  2. On you iPad, tap on App Store then tap on updates. Before you do that, you may want to connect your iPad via iTunes and sync so that any settings, etc. you may have will be preserved should something go wrong with the update.
    Alternatively, you can update via iTunes. Under Library, tap Apps, then on the bottom right, tap check for updates. iTunes will check. Then, if there are updates available, you can click on # updates available and begin the download process. Then, sync with your iPad.

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