Bamboo Paper App from Wacom

Wacom, the maker of various tablet devices, has released its paperless notebook and drawing app Bamboo Paper for the iPad. The app is free until the end of June.

The description states the app has “the ability to create virtual notebooks for your iPad, letting you share your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. Paired with the Bamboo Stylus, it turns your iPad into the ultimate paperless communications tool.” Although it appears you can continue to create new pages, I have not figured out how to create more than one notebook. UPDATE: An email from support states they are “currently working on an update of Bamboo paper. The new version will, besides other nice features, also include multiple notebooks.” So, right now, multiple notebooks are not available. You can learn more about the app and see a short video here at a Wacom site.

UPDATE 2 Wacom has updated the app to v 1.3. Now, you can add put to 20 notebooks…but for a price. You must pay for an in app purchase to get the Notebook Pack. The in app purchase price is currently $1.99 US.

Opening the Program

When you first start up, you can name the notebook, select its cover color and choose the type of pages (lined, blank, grid) that will be in the notebook. Also, you can export the entire book by email or print it from here.


Once you tap on the notebook and open it, you are presented with a page.

Pen Selection – You can select 3 sizes of pens and 6 colors. A neat feature is the ability to tap and hold anywhere on the page and be presented with a choice of pens and colors at that point instead of having to go to the top of the toolbar.

Export– You can send a page via email, save it to the library or print it.

Erase – Undo and redo are available along with an eraser and clear page feature.

Bookmark – There is a bookmark tool available to mark a particular page.

Pinch to Zoom – You can also use a two finger pinch gesture to zoom in and out for more detailed work.


If you have an iPad2, you can use a projector and Apple’s connector to present your notes to a group. Although the developer claims you can “connect your iPad to a projector to show off your sketches…” it is not clear if this feature is available on the 1st generation iPad.


The app has a simple interface and is easy to use. The flow of ink is feels “natural” and smooth and is similar to a felt tip pen.  If you use your finger instead of a stylus, it appears wrist protection of some sort is built in so that when parts of your hand other than your finger tip rest on or touch the screen, it is not registered. Although there is no landscape mode, for free, you can’t go wrong. More than that, this app does have a feel of paper and pen. Download it today and experience what digital paper and pen feels like.


7 thoughts on “Bamboo Paper App from Wacom

  1. I have both also, but bamboo paper is more responsive (stylus to ink). There is a slight delay with Penultimate. Also if you write long passages in penultimate you’ll find that it hickups every 20 seconds or so where the stylus cuts out (ipad 3 and bamboo stylus). I wish bamboo paper had a bit more robost notebook and page management and I would be happy.

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