MacBuzzer App Bundle Promo

This is not an iPad story…but, if you are looking to buy some apps for your Mac, check out the MacBuzzer bundle.

Mac Buzzer launched a new bundle that starts at $19.95 for the next couple of days. But, as time marches on, the price goes up $1 a day.  Save early.

Another twist is you can unlock 4 extra Mac Apps if, after you buy the bundle, you refer two friends who buy the bundle.

If you use this link (or the one above), you will receive a free copy of Iconbox with your purchase and I will have a shot at getting a couple of extra apps. Even if you don’t buy anything, you will get Deskscribble for free if you tweet about the bundle.

If you have been waiting to get a decent bundle for a LOW price, this may be it.


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