Keynote Remote Updated to 1.3

Today, Apple updated Keynote Remote, an app that allows you to remotely control your Keynote presentation residing on your laptop or iPad from your iPhone or iPod touch. Using this app, you can swipe forward to advance and swipe back to see the previous slide. The program works with your Wi-Fi network so you can control the presentation from anywhere in the room. The program allows you to use Bluetooth to connect as well.

The new features are:

• Maintains scroll position in presenter notes when advancing through builds.

• Addresses minor usability and reliability issues.

You can also tap your iPhone to “Spotlight” a part of the slide that your finger is on. You can even set up the remote iPhone to view the presenter notes or next slide.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

If you wanted a cool way to control your presentation from your iPhone while you walked around the room, this app could be for you. Definitely set up and try out this app before you do a live presentation to get used to how the app handles. Also, make sure the app does not go to sleep between slides so you don’t have to wake your phone, log back into the app, etc. That extra time will seem like forever.



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