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More Companies Let Workers Decide

According to the New York Times: “Encouraging employees to buy their own laptops, or bring their mobile phones and iPads from home, is gaining traction in the workplace. A survey published on Thursday by Forrester Research found that 48 percent of information workers buy smartphones for work without considering what their I.T. department supports. By being more flexible, companies are hoping that workers will be more comfortable with their devices and therefore more productive.”

It seems that companies want happy employees. The technology that makes them happy may be different than what the IT department wants employees to use. By giving employees a stipend to buy equipment to use for work, companies are making employees lives easier but that opens more interesting legal questions about what an employer can access on an employee’s device.

With some of Apple’s built in technology, like video chatting and airdrop, employees will be able to communicate and share information easier.

It will be interesting to see how policies and the law develops around this issue of the next few years.


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