How to Split the Keyboard

With the introduction of iOS5, some new functionality has become available. One of the most interesting is the split keyboard.

Now, you can cut the keyboard in half and use your two thumbs to type out messages and text while holding the iPad in your hands.

To split the keyboard, you need to hold down on the lower right side of the keyboard where the three dash lines appear on the keyboard button. When you do, you are presented with an option to split the keyboard. Select that.

The keyboard will split into two.

You can hold down on the keyboard button and drag the keyboard up or down to position it where you want. As you move the keyboard down, it will merge into a single keyboard again. Alternatively, you can press on the keyboard button and select “Dock and Merge.”

With the keyboard split, try holding the iPad between your hands and use your thumbs to type. You may find you can speed up entering data while on the run.

Separately, you can choose to undock the keyboard and move it up or down the iPad to a spot of your choosing.

These features work whether you are in portrait or landscape mode. Try them out to see if your typing improves.


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