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Readdle Docs 3.0 Update

Today, Readdle Docs announced its 3.0 update. This is the first major update since the original release of the app in 2010. There are over 300 fixes and improvements.

iPad Screenshot 2

The developer claims that the app has been redesigned from the ground up. The changes are listed as follows:

• General Changes
– Completely redesigned interface
– New ‘Recents’ section with quick access to recently opened files
– Full-text indexing and search were added — search inside PDFs, MS Office, rtf and txt files (enabled at Settings)
– File storage complies to iOS Data Storage Guidelines

• File Viewers Improvements
– PDF viewer with improved speed and stability
– Added underline and strikeout annotations for PDF
– Bookmarks for PDF files are saved inside PDF outlines now
– Faster viewer for TXT documents with font selection
– In-document search for MS Office, TXT and RTF files
– You can now view Open Office Writer files (.odt)
– MP3 player now supports playlists and background mode as well as few other features
– Image Viewer loads large pictures much faster
– There is a possibility to view CHM files
– This update has also RAR unarchiver

• Built-in Browser Improvements
– Access bookmarks from browser start page
– Google search field
– Ability to save part of the page to Web Archive

• Network Protocol Improvements
– Sync FTP/SFTP servers with your device
– FTP compatibility improvements
– Private Keys for SFTP servers
– SFTP works much faster now
– WebDAV client and server improvements

• Also Added
– Open source code in editor’ setting
– Require Immediately’ setting for Passkey Lock

iPad Screenshot 4

It also allows for viewing of common files, including MS Office, iWork, PDF, TXT and open office files.

iPad Screenshot 3

If you have been looking for a PDF viewer, reader and markup app, you should check out the new updated version. If you have not used Readdle Docs in a while, you should update it and enjoy the speedier feel.


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