Credit Apple, Inc.

Even if you have set your iPad2 set to automatically lock and require a password to open it, with nothing more than a Smart Cover, one can hack into your device.

The steps are straightforward. One needs no coding knowledge, wires or even a fancy hack. It is literally as simple as putting a smart cover on an iPad2, lifting it and pressing cancel. Once you do, the last program running is available for use, including mail, safari, etc. One could even delete apps. Think about that. Someone can easily hack into your iPad2 and email from it or read your email.

9to5 Mac has even posted a video showing how easy the hack is. There is a fix. But first, here is how the hack works…

1) Lock a password protected iPad 2

2) Hold down the power button until iPad 2 shows slide to power off

3) Close Smart Cover

4) Open Smart Cover

5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

6) The last running app or desktop is now available.

To fix the problem, go to Settings > General and slide the iPad Cover Lock / Unlock to Off.

Hopefully, Apple will be issuing a fix soon.