MindNode Update to 2.0

MindNode, a mind mapping program for your iOS devices has been updated to version 2.0. If you use mind mapping to help you organize your thoughts, this program, in conjunction with MindNode Pro, allows you to create and share mind maps between your iPad and Mac.

iPad Screenshot 1

The program is a universal app and works on the iPhone and iPad. However, on the iPad, the larger screen real estate makes for a better experience. You can watch a short screencast of the app in action here.

According to the developer, this is a major update and the following features have been improved:

• Folding

Hide and unhide entire sub tress directly on the canvas or in outline view.

• Smart Layout
Automatically keep your canvas organized.

• Node and Branch Styles
Change the font, text size, text color, shape and line style of your nodes and branches.

• MindNode Pro features
MindNode touch will now correctly display images and cross connections create on the mac. It’s now also possible to exchange documents between the two platforms without loosing attributes.

• Document List
New grid based document list to browse documents more easily.

Many more features and enhancements:
• Resize nodes on the canvas
• Zoom level independent node well
• Create nodes via an accessory view when in edit mode
• Duplicate documents
• Multiple selection in document list

iPad Screenshot 4

This app is recommended if you want to use mind mapping to organize your thoughts. The ability to pinch to zoom in and out makes reading and working with this app a pleasure on the iPad. The added benefit of syncing with a Mac allows you to take your work in the office or on the go. If you are looking for a Mind Map program for your iPad, this is a great product.


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