iBooks Updated to 1.5

Nighttime reading themes, full screen layout, more fonts and a redesigned annotation palette are some of the improvements included in this update of iBooks.

The night theme is activated by tapping on the Aa at the top right and selecting “Night.” The theme puts white text on a black page. Although the theme is supposed to make it easier to read in the dark, you may find it easier on the eyes in a lit room because the harsh brightness of the white page is eliminated.

iPad Screenshot 2

There is a full screen mode that is activated below the theme selection. This mode extends the text up and down the page to allow you to read more words per page.

iBooks is Apple’s free app to download and read books and more. You can even read ePub electronic books. The ability to bookmark and sync your bookmarks with an active wi-fi is a great way to keep you on the same page whether you are using your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

iPad Screenshot 3

The download is 20.7 MB and probably will require Wi-Fi access because of the size.


2 thoughts on “iBooks Updated to 1.5

  1. Read your post with enthusiasm as I use the iPad to keep upon legal research, especially late at night or early in the morning, both it,es, the backlight seems harsh, even when very low.

    Unfortunately, I discovered that the evening mode only applies to books, not PDFs or articles I save for later reading in other formats. Hopefully, there will be a later release that allows evening mode for pds as well.


    1. A work around is as follows: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Toggle White on Black. This will invert the screen. Then, go to iBooks and your PDF should be inverted. When you are done reading at night, you can toggle it off. Hope this helps.

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