iAnnotate PDF 2.0

Today, iAnnotate announced their 2.0 update.

The following items are listed as being new:

• Completely revamped interface
– New color scheme keeps your attention on the document and not the UI!
– Swipeable UI gives you the control to hide what you don’t need
– More screen real estate devoted to the page

• Improved Tools
– Toolbar Drawer keeps your tools within reach and minimizes clutter
– Create up to 10 customized toolbars with near-instant access
– Toolbar Ribbon to customize tool options on the fly
- Ability to scroll and zoom while annotating

• Easier Connectivity
– Added Sync capabilities for downloads and uploads!
– One-touch downloads to keep you up-to-date before you’re out the door!
– Connectivity tab conveniently located in Document Library

• Improved context menus
– New tap functionality! Double-tap for the commonly used annotations menu and three-finger tap to clear the workspace

• New in-app tutorial and support system.

iPad Screenshot 4iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 5

If you read, share and mark up PDFs, you cannot go wrong with this app.


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