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iPad Support: Questions and Answers

iPad2 images Credit Apple Inc.

If you just got a new iPad2 or want to brush up on how to use your iPad2 more effectively, Apple has created a good site for you to visit.

The iPad Support site contains a bunch of information and the manual explaining how to use your iPad2.

Whether you are just getting started and want to connect to a Wi-Fi network to access the internet or want to create and use an email account, Apple has a link for you.

Credit Apple Inc.

There is even an explanation of how to set up AirPrint to allow you to print directly from your iPad to certain printers.

If you want to explore the built in apps provided by Apple and learn more about them, you can visit this site to see explanations and examples.

If you want to purchase some additional Apple apps to do everything from editing a movie made on your iPad to writing a novel, you can learn more about how to use them here.

You can also learn about third party apps here.

So, have fun learning to use your new iPad2 with the resources available directly from Apple.


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