How to Backup iPad App Data Files

As the end of the year approaches, you may have resigned to make more and better backups. That may be relatively easy for your computer, but what about all the data you have on your iPad?

Here’s one way you can backup the data from your iPad.

You will need the computer you sync your iPad with, iTunes, your iPad, and a cable for faster transfer than wi-fi.

iTunes Screen

1. Open iTunes and plug in your iPad.

2. Within iTunes, Select the iPad you want to get the data from the Devices Column on the left side.

3. Within iTunes, tap Apps Category (towards the top).

4. Scroll down to bottom of page where Apps are listed.

5. Tap on an app and see what data is listed in the space to the right.

6. Tap on the space to the right where the documents are listed. Select the files you want to back up or select all to back them all up.

7. Tap “Save to…” and navigate to the folder where you want to save the data. You can even navigate to a Dropbox folder if you want to access the files via Dropbox later.

8. Now your data is backed up.

To reload the backed up ¬†information to your iPad, within iTunes, under Apps, you would click on the app and then the section on the right. You can then drag and drop the data or click on the “Add…” add button to add the data back to the iPad. Basically you will be dragging and dropping the files to add back and syncing.

After that, you would need to click on the “Sync” button to load the data back onto the iPad.

Voila, your app data is saved and you can reload it on your iPad when needed.


17 thoughts on “How to Backup iPad App Data Files

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  3. Will this work on pages? My iPad 1 doesn’t allow me to unlock or shut down; I have to restore but I have documents in pages I need not-destroyed.

  4. OMG!!
    So simple.
    Thanks man, you just saved my life.
    I had like 750 books in kindle and had lost my backup.

    I owe you like… 750

  5. I’m still not seeing 90% of my apps anywhere in itunes. I would use icloud, but you conveniently have to pay for that as well. sigh. this backing up your **** idea isnt working out too well

  6. I’ve 3hrs ago downloaded latest itunes and none of the screens appear as anything like shown on this page. There isn’t even an option to click on ‘aps’

  7. I use the Racing Post app and save archived editions of the newspaper. However, the back up size is small, which must mean that the app itself is being backed up but not the archived editions. Is there any way of backing up these old editions? The Racing Post themselves don’t seem to think so but i would welcome others’ views.

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