NotesPlus v 3.0 Submitted to App Store

The developer of Notes Plus has submitted version 3.o to the app store for approval. The process takes about 7 days and the download may be ready around January 8, 2012.

The developer states the improvements include the following:

  • Smoother handwriting. Better inking. Just a better handwriting experience overall. I put the below screenshot in hi-def so that you can see the inking:

  • No more database! All flat files. Better yet, they are SVG so that you can view (and share) them in any web browser (I’ll put up an example soon).
  • Full Dropbox sync-ing. That is, at anytime, the dedicated Dropbox folder for Notes Plus (currently predefined as Dropbox/NotesPlus/Data) mirrors exactly the file content of the app.
  • PDF import (open-in) and annotation.

PDF Open-in Notes Plus

  • Image support.
  • Better typed text handling with full-page text canvas. Tap on text mode and start typing without worrying about text box size and location (text box is still supported).

Text Edit Mode

  • Better close-up writing experience with more control and space, yet retaining the best feature of auto-advance in current Notes Plus.

Close-up box

  • We will have the side navigation popover like before, no shelf (I found this too disruptive).

Navigation Panel

  • PDF viewing on browser side while taking notes on notebook side:

Open PDF for viewing or for annotation

Viewing PDF on one screen while taking notes on the other


4 thoughts on “NotesPlus v 3.0 Submitted to App Store

    1. According to the NotesPlus blog, the update will be free to those who previously purchased Notes Plus. However, there will be a new hand writing recognition feature available as an in app purchase.
      That information is gleaned from this blog post:

      Toan Nguyen
      Dec 27, 2011 @ 02:10:14
      Hi Mike,
      Version 3.0 will be a free upgrade to existing users, except for handwriting recognition as an in-app purchase (which won’t cost much by the way). For a list of features, please check out and Thank you for your support. Happy holidays!

      Best regards,

  1. I have updated to version3, and it is like a totally new and much improved product. Super smooth and very user-friendly. But for some reason I cannot find the Dropbox settings, and where to purchase the handwriting recognition

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