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CloudOn – Modify Your Office Docs

CloudOn may be the answer to the quest to modify and create Microsoft Office documents without relying on Pages or other apps (at least until MicroSoft comes out with their own office apps for the iPad). You need this app and a Dropbox account – then, you can open, view and manage your files. (According to the developer, the app is available today 2012.01.03 for free in the U.S. app store.)

To get it working:

1. Download the app.

2. Open app and create a CloudOn account.

3. Create a Dropbox account or add yours.

After that, you are shown a quick tour and can then access your Dropbox account. Tap on an office document and begin modifying.

After modifying the document, you need to save it so that the updated version will be in DropBox.

There are simple settings and controls to access, including a tutorial.

Although you will not have access to all of your fonts, the ease of using this app to modify your office documents should diminish from the power of this app. Get it to do your work.


The below is information provided from the developer.

The developer describes the app as follows:

For the first time you can get Microsoft Office® on your iPad. Seriously.

CloudOn lets you use your iPad to create, view, and edit files directly in Microsoft Word®, Excel® & PowerPoint®. These applications will work the way you expect them to, and your files will look the way you want them to.

Want more? Of course you do!

CloudOn also lets you use Dropbox to manage your files. Open them, edit them, and save them right in your workspace using your Dropbox account.

With the ability to access, edit and store your information, CloudOn is the essential productivity tool for your iPad.

To use CloudOn you must have a Dropbox account. To sign up for free, visit Or, you can sign up when you launch CloudOn for the first time.

CloudOn’s WorkSpace allows you to:
-Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad to create or edit documents.
-Rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox account
-Display, edit or create charts, change formatting, spell check, insert comments, into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
-Track changes while reviewing Word documents
-Use pivot tables and insert formulas in Excel workbooks
-Display and edit animation or transitions in PowerPoint presentations
-Present in full PowerPoint mode (not in PDF)
-Open files directly from your iPad email accounts or Dropbox account
-Automatically save documents to avoid losing changes

What’s new

– Microsoft Office® 2010
– Manage and access files via Dropbox
– Open Word, Excel and Powerpoint files from the iPad® email client


9 thoughts on “CloudOn – Modify Your Office Docs

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  2. I think it’s fantastic! …though I still use personal hotspot for internet on my laptop and open Google Docs on Chrome.

  3. Hmm Cool to view…but they dont license Microsoft fonts, so when you edit you cant edit in a font thats not installed on your phone….Makes this pointless. There are better apps that do this

  4. How do you print by using Cloudon? I emailed files from a laptop to iPad and can not find how to print to a wireless printer! Help!

  5. It is not as simple as stated
    ” CloudOn also lets you use Dropbox to manage your files. Open them, edit them, and SAVE them right in your workspace using your Dropbox account.”
    No save tab so a night of wasted work . Auto save was on but where did my edited work go? Help!

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