OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011

TUAW crowned OmniFocus for iPad the best productivity app for 2011.

iPad Screenshot 5

It was previously written up when it first came out in 2010.

With a new year starting, perhaps you should consider a good organizing app to keep you focused.

A listing of many of these productivity apps can be found here.

Have a great 2012 and keep organized!


2 thoughts on “OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011

  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the article!

    For the iPad, I’d like to recommend as professional note taking/ToDo/Project management application “Beesy”. A month ago, i discovered this app and now I often use it for my meetings.
    With Beesy , you can find many features to accomodate tasks, generate automatically a ToDo list from your notes, make monitoring and send easily minutes by email. This app is great; you save a lot of time at work, and you start appreciating meeting again.

    If you are interested in Beesy you can google it or go the application’s website for detailed information

    Kind regards,


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