Notes Plus 3.0 For Sale

Notes Plus latest version is now available for download. If you have a prior version, it is free. New purchases are $4.99 6.99. Some of the many new features include:

The ability to sure the web within the app and add photos, web page images and other graphics to your notepad.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can also import a PDF and mark it up.

iPad Screenshot 3

You can buy an in app purchase of handwriting recognition for $1.99. To purchase the recognition, circle a part of what you have drawn or scratch through a drawing and tap on the selection symbol. From there, you can select “Convert to Text” and unlock the feature by buying it.

[If you are having trouble trying to buy the hand writing recognition download, try logging out of your current iTunes account and logging back in.  To do this, tap Settings > Store > (Tap on your Apple ID) then tap Sign Out. After you log out, log back in to your account then try the in app purchase.]

There is also a full screen mode that eliminates all the controls from view for a cleaner interface.

If you have the old version, download the update and start using it. Before updating, backup your files in case something goes wrong.


3 thoughts on “Notes Plus 3.0 For Sale

  1. I need to unlook “convert to text” but when I tried to purchase, i see pop up saing that this action is forbidden in the aplication. How we can obtain this option?

    1. The FAQ page of NotesPlus may answer your question.
      Here are the steps:
      1) Exit Notes Plus from the background: from iPad Home screen, double-press the Home button to reveal the background dock, long-press Notes Plus icon until it wiggles, then tap the red minus (-).
      2) Log out of your Apple account: go to iPad Settings > Store, tap on the Apple ID button and “Sign Out”.
      3) Connect your iPad to Wi-Fi or 3G
      4) Open Notes Plus
      5) Select the Pen tool and write some text
      6) Circle the text, tap on the “>” button and then “Convert to Text”
      7) Tap on “Purchase” to confirm your purchase and follow the process, which includes entering your username/password that you used to purchase Notes Plus. Wait a while for the transaction to complete.

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