Short Cut Typing – A Real Time Saver

A new feature in iOS 5.x that cuts down on the time it takes you to type words, phrases or whole sentences is available.

Tap Settings > General > Keyboard and scroll down until you see “Shortcuts.” Tap on Add New Shortcut.

In the Phrase section, type something like “I will be there in 5 minutes.”  In the shortcut section, enter the shortcut letter combination that you want to use for that phrase like “bt5”  Tap on save to save that combination.

You can then add others like “Thank you very much” and “thx” then tap Save.

Open an app like Mail, Pages or even text messaging that accepts text and type your new shortcut.  You will be presented with the option to add your text phrase. Type space to accept it and you just saved yourself a lot of typing.

Some common or potentially useful shortcuts include:

phn – a phone number you want to provide without having to retype it.

ophn – an office phone number

hadr – your home address (the short cut won’t do paragraph returns so the 3 line address will be 1 line)

oadr – your office address

eml – This can be used for you to provide an email address without having to type it.

cttk – I can’t talk right now, I’ll get in touch with you later. – this can be a real time save when someone texts you.

bt5  – I will be there in 5 minutes.

Start using this useful feature and save time.


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