OmniOutliner 1.2 Update

Today, OmniOutliner updated to version 1.2. Besides the new app logo, the developer states the following about the update:

OmniOutliner 1.2 for iPad sets the stage for document syncing by introducing a new document browser and making a number of behind-the-scenes changes to coordinate access to documents. It also introduces a new app icon, and restores the ability to open attached OmniOutliner 3 files from Mail. (This release requires iOS 5.)

• The document picker has been redesigned to allow quicker access to files and easier file management. Tap on the edit button and select a file(s) to access the sharing, duplicate, and delete options.
• OmniOutliner for iPad now has a new icon.
• Sample documents can now be restored using the ‘Restore Sample Document’ option in the import menu.
• Previews will now appear in the document picker for any file type that OmniOutliner can open.

iPad Screenshot 1

If you are looking for a program to help outline your ideas, take notes, make lists or brainstorm, this is one of the best and most intuitive. [You may also want to check out CircusPonies Notebook App]

There is support for importing from a WebDAV or iCloud account. However, DropBox is not planned to be supported. You can also import a document via email or using iTunes.

To see the app in use, check out the video here.  A list of FAQs can be found on the OmniOutliner for iPad web page.


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