Stylus Shmylus – Do You Need One?

Are you a stylus collector? Do you think just one more stylus might make a material difference with how you use your iPad or iPhone? If you aren’t using the one(s) you have, why do you want to spend another $15-30?

Before you go out and buy another one, consider the updated stylus comparison chart by MacWorld.

They have broken the chart into unconventional styluses, multifunctional styluses and nib styluses.

I got a pogo sketch stylus when they first came out.

Now, I like my Bamboo Stylus the best…But what do I know, I am considering an Adonit jot pro stylus.

Are you a stylus addict?


2 thoughts on “Stylus Shmylus – Do You Need One?

  1. Unfortunately, I have become a stylus collector. I say unfortunate because most of them are “un”workable and I don’t exactly feel “fortunate” to have them.

    The Jot Pro is a very workable stylus but it does have two drawback for me.

    One is the angle it which is can work. I often find it not working because the disc cannot pivot as much as I’d seldom times like.

    The other, and more serious problem is that, over time, the disc-tip becomes loose and becomes a little sporadic in its responsiveness. This will start to happen after about 2-4 weeks of use (depending on how often it is used). There is a great, simple, inexpensive and extremely effective fix for this though! It brought my Jot back from being left in a cup with other pens, back into my pocket. Here’s the fix:

    I would wait until the stylus’ performance starts to drop before putting this “tip” into play.

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