Paper App by Fifty Three

iPad Screenshot 1

Recently, Fiftythree released Paper for the iPad. This “creative” capture app consists of 5 parts. Each part allows you to perform a different function. You can sketch, write, draw, outline and color. The first “included” piece is Draw. You can purchases additional “tools” with an in-app purchase.

The company promotes the app as a way to quickly capture ideas in a familiar journal like format. The tools and choices of colors are intentionally limited to allow you to focus on getting an idea down. The app is not supposed to be a full fledge drawing or painting app.

iPad Screenshot 3

If that is what you are looking for, you will not be satisfied. Some have complained that the various in-app purchases to increase the tools available to you are not worth the price. However, the smooth drawing and feel of the app certainly warrant downloading the free version to try it out.

iPad Screenshot 4

The interface is fun and allows for some unique interactions. You can squeeze to close your journal or flip to a page in a journal in a graphically pleasing way.

If you are the kind of person who likes to jot down ideas on a napkin or sketch out a rough idea for a presentation, this app is worth downloading and trying.


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