TrialPad Update

TrialPad updated its presentation app this week. The update addresses the following:

★ Optimized for the iPad retina display:
– Performance improvements for rendering PDFs in retina quality.
– New high-resolution user interface.

★ Callouts now enabled for documents that are zoomed in.
★ Fix for missing Key Docs after moving the source document.
★ Fix for videos not playing after moving the source video file.

TrialPad is an app that allows you to present documents, video and other evidence in real time in court. It is a legal document manager and presenter. You can create separate client folders easily to keep your information organized.

iPad Screenshot 2

With TrialPad, you can present documents dynamically. One of the compelling features is the ability to annotate or mark up documents, in real time, for the jury to see. You can zoom in or out of documents with ease.

iPad Screenshot 1

You can check out the videos that explain the app here or download the quick start guide here.


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