Clear Update

If you have been looking for a simple to do list with an elegant, high-tech feel, check out Clear by Realmac Software. You can watch a video of the software in action below (you may need flash).

The current price is 99¢.

iPhone Screenshot 3

The current update provides the following fixes or enhancements:

Clear 1.1: The SECRET Update

★ Shake to Undo: a popular request, and now all yours.
★ Character Cap is now voluntary. With great power comes great responsibility…
★ Secret Themes! How secret? So tantalizingly secret we can’t say more.

Plus MORE tweaks and fixes, thanks to your awesome feedback!

• New option display the iOS status bar.
• Improved the tap-to-create-item behaviour at the bottom of lists.
• 25% added inspiration (more quotes!)
• Shiny new design for alerts
• Fixed legibility in low-contrast situations with subtle text emboss
• Added the Clear tutorial to the Tips and Tricks menu
• Bug fixes

iPhone Screenshot 4

This app is more than eye candy, it provides a simple and fun way to make quick lists. It does not have reminder notifications or another way to alert you to the need to complete tasks at a particular time or even sync with calendars or lists elsewhere. But, it is a good tool for creating simple lists.


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