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Messages to Me – Read This

Ever find yourself sending emails to read or to remind you about something? There is another way that avoids email and is fast. Using Apple’s Messages app (currently Beta), you can send a videos, files, URL, contacts, locations, text snippets or images to your iPad or iPhone.

What you need:

iOS Device: On your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) you need to re running iOS 5 to receive iMessages.

Mac: Must be running Messages Beta to receive iMessages. Messages Beta requires OS X Lion v10.7.3. Internet connection required.

After you have installed the apps and have turned enabled iMessage on the iOS device [ Settings > Messages > iMessage On ], open Messages on your Mac. If the Message window is not open, then File > New Message.

Type in your name [or the name of who you want to receive your message] and select the iMessage device to send your message to. The name bubble should be blue if the device can receive your message as unlimited iMessages program. Otherwise, you can still send the information but the receiver may pay for the message as they would any other SMS.

Now, get the data, image, file, clip, URL, etc. you want to send to the person and paste or drag and drop it into the lower elliptical iMessage bubble.

Sending a PDF to Read

Press return to send the message to the device (or devices if you select multiple people or devices).

If you have an alert turned on your device, you should get a message that the stuff has been sent and delivered.

Tap on the message to open the document, snippet, URL, photo, etc. on your iOS device.

This is a handy way to send materials directly from your desktop to your iOS device or to others.


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