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MagicalPad – Organize Ideas, Thoughts & More

When you want to combine the power of brainstorming, organizing ideas, note taking, outlining, checklists and mind mapping in a freeform white board that fits in the palm of your hand, consider MagicalPad.

Mind Mapping MagicalPad

This app allows you to quickly get the thoughts out of your head and into a format that you can use to manipulate the ideas into an organized group.

Once the ideas are down, you will enjoy the easy and intuitive way you can tap, move and manipulate the data. You can add to a list, break off part of a list or just add another string of outlined thoughts nearby.

iPad Screenshot 4

You can even color code information in a way that helps you make a point.

Download the documentation here. After you complete your work, you can share your work via Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox or email.

iPad Screenshot 5

Watch this video to get the idea of the power and ease of this app – then buy it.

For a limited time, the app is 40% off and available for $2.99. Get it and get your thoughts down and organized quickly and efficiently. This app stays on the front page of my iPad.


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