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iPads for San Diego Unified District

Credit Apple Inc.

San Diego Unified School District is going to be outfitting 340 classrooms before the end of next year with iPads.

The district plans to purchase about 25,700 iPad 2s for 5th through 8th grade classes as well as some high-school students. The school district began to distribute iPads last week. The process is part of a phased roll out.

Teachers will be undergoing training on how to use the devices and provided tips about educational apps.

According to the U-T San Diego “A factor in favor of the iPads are the fact they are “instant on,” meaning there is no delay or wasted time as they boot up. They also have a larger screen than netbooks, which make them a better option to replace traditional textbooks. Also, they have an extended battery life and can utilize a large collection of educational apps that are available.”

You can read more about this school program here.

You can read more about iPads and education from Apple. If you are a teacher or administrator, you can read more about iPads and education here.


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