TranscriptPad Update

TranscriptPad has been updated to 1.5.4 and has some new features. This app allows you to review various transcripts in txt format and annotate, search and share information. You can read the review of the app here.

According to the developer, the new features include:

  •  Optimized for the iPad retina display:
  • New high-resolution user interface.
  • Performance improvements for rendering PDFs in retina quality.
 Highlight and Underline transcripts.
  •  Print or create PDF of annotated transcript, including Issue Codes, Flags with notes, Highlights, Underlines.
 Next and previous search result navigation within a transcript.
 Save search results as an Issue Code, capturing entire Q and A.
 Easier flag deletion with press and hold.
 Export Issue Code lists to TrialDirector and Sanction for easy video editing.

Enhancements include:

  •  Prevents device from going to sleep while using auto-scroll feature.
 Improvements to transcript parsing, handling more page numbering scenarios.

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