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Parallels Mobile Updated

If you have Parallels Desktop 7 for your Mac and want to remotely control your computer, you can use Parallels Mobile on your iPad or other iOS device to accomplish that.

The newest version of this app provides the following improvements:

– Fully compatible with iOS 5.
– Optimized for the new iPad.
– Connecting to your Mac is now simpler than ever.
– Fixed scrolling in both Windows and Mac.
– Support for international keyboard layouts when working in Mac applications.
– Many other fixes and improvements.

Using this app, you can remotely access all your apps on your Mac, whether Mac or Windows.

The requirements and configuration instructions are as follows:

IMPORTANT: Before using Parallels Mobile, make sure you have registered your copy of Parallels Desktop and logged in to your Parallels account using Preferences > Mobile. Remember that to be able to connect to your Mac using Parallels Mobile, your Mac should be powered on.

– Requires Parallels Desktop for Mac, version 6 or 7 (registered copy) and at least one virtual machine with Parallels Tools installed.
– In Parallels Desktop, choose Parallels Desktop > Preferences, click Mobile, and log in to your Parallels account using the email you provided during registration.
– Your Mac should be powered on.
– Download Parallels Mobile and install it on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
– Open Parallels Mobile and log in to your Parallels account using the email and password you used to register your copy of Parallels Desktop.
– Your Mac will appear in the list of available Macs. Click it to access your Windows or other OSs.

So, if you were looking for a way to control your Mac remotely and already have Parallels, this app may be just what you need.


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