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Evernote Update

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Evernote has updated the iPad app to version 4.2.0. The app helps sync bits of information, photos, business cards, and other snippets across your various devices.

The developer describes the update as follows:

Major note editor upgrade and redesign for iOS 5 on iPhone
• Easy access to attachment features
• Improved placement of text styling and formatting options
• Redesigned note info screen
• More powerful note editing capabilities

Improved checkbox functionality for iOS 5 on iPhone
• Added support for checkbox indentation
• Create a checkbox list by adding a new line after the first box

Improved attachments
• Added support for Photo Stream images
• Redesigned audio recorder

Note Editor settings
• Option to turn off note auto-titling
• Option to turn off automatic Save to Camera Roll function

Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

iPad Screenshot 1

If you are trying to figure out how to use Evernote, check out their getting started page for answers and ideas.

There is a fee for an account that consists of more than minimal storage. The price structure and explanation for the fee is found here.

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