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MS SkyDrive takes on iCloud


Microsoft is taking on iCloud and other cloud services. It offers a comparison between itself and other services.

The slogan sync, share, work together seems to suggest you can do what Dropbox does and more, including accessing files from your PC.

Download the SkyDrive Preview for Mac app. You may be able to get 25 GB for free if you already have a live account and sign up for SkyDrive.


4 thoughts on “MS SkyDrive takes on iCloud

  1. One can add files but not folders. Who would use this? And, there is no link to directly access or contact tech support. I’ve left a comment on these points weeks ago but never received a reply.

  2. I have several levels of folders and can share entire folders or indivdual documents or pics. I can do this on my PC or via my iPad.

  3. for those that use window workstations, iCloud is almost totally useless (other than for syncing bookmarks and photostream).

    Skydrive has the same basic functionality as Dropbox, It is much easier to share files and folders than Dropbox. I am not sure, but Dropbox may presently have a significant advantage in syncing speed.

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