MindNode Update

Today, MindNode was updated to version 2.1. This app is a mind mapping and organizational tool. It is easy to use. If you have MindNode Pro for the Mac, you can easily sync your mind maps between your iPad and Mac.

iPad Screenshot 3

The iPad version allows you to take your mind maps on the go. With the pro version, you can sync  them with your Mac for further tweaking.

The developer states the following about the update:

MindNode 2.1 is a major update that brings a new visual design, the ability to send documents to other apps, full retina support for the new iPad and four new localizations.

• Send your documents directly to any other app installed on your device.
• New visual style.
• Retina screen support on the new iPad.
• New localizations for French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
• 200% zoom level.
• Improvements to selection in document picker on iPhone.
• Display strike-through text.
• New setting to toggle screen mirroring.

• Fixes searching of nodes in outline view.
• Fixes a crash related to sharing documents.
• Correctly resize text field during text input.
• Image attachments added on the Mac are drawn in retina resolution.
• Improved retina screen support in document picker on iPhone.
• Fixes a bug related to text export.
• Inherit font styles and fill colors when creating a new node.
• Correctly restore Emoji characters when opening a new document.

If you are looking for a mind mapping tool, this app is intuitive and easy to use.


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